Saturday, March 1, 2008

Right on Schedule

Everything is moving along well. As planned, I put the brisket in last night around 1 am and it was ready around 1 today. Initial samples indicate that is is going to be a winner. I got a bit of later start on the sweet potatoes due to the fact that I needed to wash, peel and chop them. The first two went fine but the chopping was a slow go with my crappy kitchen knife. Gotta get a better one if I'm going to do this again.

Another issue was that I had bought too many sweet potatoes to fit into the crockpot so I have a little extra that maybe I'll throw in the oven just so they don't go to waste. I'm a little bit behind so I may need to put the crockpot on high for a few hours in order to catch up. I don't think that it will have too much, if any effect on the sweet potatoes taste or texture wise. With meat I think the longer and lower temperature you cook it the better, but I think with potatoes it won't really make a big difference. I'll go through the recipes in more detail after I'm done because I'm pretty much making it up as I go along (another great thing about crockpots is that as long as you don't have bad ingredients the slow cooking process will make everything taste great).

Right now I'm getting ready to put the cornbread in. My goal is to have everything cooked ahead of time and then warm it up as it's gets closer to 8. Wish me luck...

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