Sunday, March 2, 2008

Great Success

Everything turned out great last night. I had been a little concerned about the timing of everything, but preparing the meat in advance really helped to balance out only having one crockpot. All it took was about 20 min in the oven at 200 degrees to warm it back up. One little problem occurred with the cornbread. Unlike the crockpot, 5 minutes makes a big difference in the oven. Long story short, my cornbread was of the crispy blackened variety. Fortunately in NY there is usually a convenience store within 1-2 blocks of anywhere. I was able to remake the cornbread with much better results.

Baking is not an area I excel at, but it seems the key is to check whatever you are baking often because factors such as oven temperatures (most ovens don't maintain the exact temperature on the dial) can burn your food even if you follow the exact instructions on the box.

The sweet potatoes came out great as well making the effort of peeling and chopping them well worth it. Recipes will follow. In the mean time, here are some photos of my results.

Potatoes and cornbread. Can't go wrong with that.

Brown sugar, cinnamon and a little milk helped to make the potatoes smooth and delicious

Corn Bread round #2. Note the lack of blackened pieces.

Dessert. I left this one to the experts. The perfect ending to a great meal.

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