Saturday, March 15, 2008

A few thoughts

I have noticed that I have been doing a fair amount of restaurant reviewing and not as much crockpotting as of late. A lot of this has to do with having been on vacation the last few days, but I also am a huge enthusiast of BBQ food and enjoy having BBQ made the old fashioned way. However, based on my experiences and the feedback I have gotten from others, Crockpot BBQ is a solid alternative to going to a BBQ restaurant. Unless you are living in one of the major BBQ areas (Memphis, Kansas city, Austin etc.) you might not get the opportunity to enjoy really good BBQ. Additionally, BBQ food is not always cheap, even though the cuts of meat generally involved (pork shoulder, brisket) can be purchased for less than $5 a pound. There is also the risk of having bad BBQ, as I described in a prior entry.

I do think going out for BBQ food is a great opportunity to look for ways to improve your BBQ. The idea for my sweet potatoes was inspired by my visit to Daisy May's, which makes some excellent sweet potatoes. However, do not be fooled that you can 't make something great on your own. Though they do not get much press, Crockpots are a great way to make good food for a lot of people on the cheap. Case in point, for my dinner party I spent about $60 to feed 11 people and have enough leftovers for 6 more meals. Dinner at a BBQ restaurant for that many people would have cost considerably more and in my opinion would not have been significantly better either.


Crockpot Lady said...

I think crockpotting for guests is a fantastic way to save money. entertaining can be so expensive---and we used to mostly bbq on the grill, and needed to buy much better cuts of meat. The meat you are going to throw into a crock can be very inexpensive.

very interesting. this way you can spend more on margarita mix and tequila..


Jared said...


That is very true. You can throw pretty much anything any cut of meat in the crockpot and it will turn out great. I think having people over is a lot more fun and personal than going in a large group to a restaurant and getting stuck with a giant bill.

I'm looking forward to doing some more entertaining in the future.