Monday, February 25, 2008

Going Big Time

This weekend I will be attempting to do a number of things including making BBQ for a large group and making a side dish using the Crockpot. The menu currently is:

BBQ Beef Brisket
Corn Bread
Sweet Potatoes

I purchased a new rub at Penzy's in Grand Central for the occasion. I will be cooking for 7-10 people so I will probably need 4-5 lbs of brisket along a couple boxes of cornbread mix (no I will not be making that from scratch) and a few pounds of sweet potatoes.

I'm thinking of doing sweet potatoes with some brown sugar and molasses for flavor. I will probably make them the night before the brisket and warm them in the oven on the day off. It is either that or get another crockpot which isn't that bad of an idea. I have been going through somewhat of a cook's block since unlike a lot of BBQ blogs, I do not operate a restaurant or have a side business that this blog promotes. Additionally, I don't usually cook for big groups and while I love BBQ as much as anyone, it is hard to swallow the idea of making 5 lbs of pulled pork knowing you will be eating it for next few weeks. I think that making side dishes will help as it will give me an opportunity to make different kinds of things while keeping a BBQ focus.

I will update as events occur...

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