Saturday, February 16, 2008

Daisy May's

Sorry for the delay between posts. I have been buried at work and haven't had time to make any BBQ lately. However, I happened to go one of the greatest BBQ joints in NYC last night. It is called Daisy May's and is located at 46th st and 11th avenue nestled between car dealerships and strip clubs. Don't let the surroundings fool you though, it is some of the best BBQ you will find in the city.

It is a very no frills type of place. You order your food at a counter up front and then sit down at one of 3 large tables to eat your meal after which you bus your own tray. The value is certainly there though as a mere $15 will get you a half rack of incredible ribs (your choice of dry or sticky rub) and your choice of two sides. I elected the sticky ribs with sweet potatoes and baked beans with beef brisket ends.

The ribs were phenomenal and it was apparent by the pinkish color of the meat that they have been smoked for at least 12 hours. The potatoes were great as well, whipped until smooth and combined with brown sugar for a sweet, creamy taste. The beans however, were a little underwhelming. The flavor was there, but the beans didn't seem like they had been cooked long enough and while they weren't like rocks, I usually would expect that they would be pretty soft. I probably should have gone with the corn bread.

Overall, great place at a great price. I had eaten there once before and been disappointed, but that may have been more to do with my relative inexperience in the world of BBQ. I had argued with my roommate about the food there, but I will be the first to admit that I was wrong in my initial assessment.

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i want more Crockpot BBQ posts!