Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting Ready!

For cryin out loud will this heat just break already. This weather has really just gotten out of hand. I will not be stopped this weekend however. Mark it in your calenders I will be making some teriyaki style pulled pork this weekend. I know that the weather is not a good excuse, but it is hard to get motivated to cook anything when it is unbearably hot and your apartment has very little ventilation in general and no ventilation in the kitchen at all.

Enough of my whining though. Let's talk teriyaki. Teriyaki is a Japanese cooking technique that entails broiling or grilling foods in a sweet soy sauce marinade. I'm going to switching things up a little however. I'll be working with some pork loin with a Asian style spice rub topped off with some teriyaki sauce. Looking forward to hitting the grocery store and getting this show on the road finally.


ddreilinger said...

Did you find anything anywhere about braising/slow cooking Japanese-style? Is that done over there? Or are you inventing it? Whatever it is, sounds delicious... Looking forward to pictures.

Jared said...


I'm shooting from the hip on this hoping that the crock will lend itself to this style. Camera is functioning again so there will be pictures a plently