Sunday, January 27, 2008

BBQ Beef

Having made Pulled Pork a number of times already with pretty good success, I thought I would try my hand at BBQ Beef. I googled "crockpot BBQ beef" to try to get a few ideas, but my general formula for BBQ has been covering the meat with a spice rub (Grand Central market has a good spice store with a lot interesting spice combinations), adding a little Worcestershire sauce and I enjoy adding honey to give the meat a little bit of sweetness.

I had purchased a couple packs of stew meet from Gristedes on 85th and Columbus and I used "Char Crust", a spice rub I had purchase while I was in San Francisco a couple months ago, along with some Worcestershire sauce and honey. One change I made this time was I added a little bit of beer to the meat as I had read that it gives meat a nice flavor. I also happened to have a few beers left over from a party I had last week. I blended these things together in a bowl and then emptied them into my crockpot, setting it for 12 hours on low.

On a side note as to how easy and cheap it is to make your own BBQ, the meat ran me $10 for two pounds and I completed all of the above steps at about 4:30 in the morning after a night of drinking. I was greeted at noon with the smell of slow cooked meat, but I still had a few hours to go until it would be ready. My roommate's mom happens to make the best homemade pulled pork and BBQ beef I have ever tasted and I decided to try to emulate some of her techniques, adding the BBQ sauce ("Bone Suckin Sauce" in this case which surprisingly sold at Duane Reade) directly into the meet while I was shredding it.

The beef came apart easily with fork shredding although I wonder if maybe 12 hours was a little too long because it seemed a little overdone. The beef was also a lot less fatty than the usual pork shoulder that I use so I think that may be a factor as well. Nonetheless, it tastes pretty good but I'll wait until others try it before I make any final conclusions.

My faithful Crockpot which cost a whopping $40

Char Crust, a spice rub I bought in San Francisco

The guest star of today's meal

A sold BBQ sauce that is free of corn syrup and other artificial additives

The results. Although it looks sort of like peat moss I'm pretty sure it tastes better


Eric Devlin said...

Are you able to get a char or crust on your pork in the crock pot or is it just too moist?

Eric Devlin

Jared said...


Thanks for reading. The crock pot is unfortunately far to moist to generate an actual crust on the pork (or anything for that matter). A lot of this is because the juices that accumulate from the pork wind up leaving the meat partially submerged for a good portion of the cooking. I have seen some recipes that involve cooking the the meat in the oven for a few hours which because of the dry heat would generate a nice crust and then finishing it off in a crockpot and adding in your sauce. I will have to give it a try and will let you know how it turns out.

Eagle0407 said...

My how far you've come since burning egg mcmuffin's and setting off the smoke detector every morning. Next time you come home you'll have to make us a sample. Late happy birthday buddy!

Jared said...

I still say that there was something wrong with that smoke alarm because my egg and cheeses always came out great. I'll give you a buzz before I come to Boston next.