Sunday, October 19, 2008

Looking ahead

I apologize for not making anything in awhile. I have had friends visiting the past few weekends, which generally leads to going out to eat a lot and not having time to plan out a meal. My thinking cap has been on however. It is starting to get cooler here in NYC, which opens up the door to soups, stews and pretty much anything that is hot. I have been reading a little about blended soups. That is, making some sort of soup and then pureeing it in a blender so it has a nice smooth consistency.

I am envisioning a BBQ bean blended soup with maybe some pulled pork or brisket mixed in there to give a little bit of texture variation. I really should be cooking more often because it is definitely a money saver over going out to eat, if you don't mind having leftovers.


HB said...

I tried your 24 hour brisket recipe - had to use flap steak as they had no brisket - but damn it was GOOD!! Looking forward to you sharing some more recipes!

Jared said...


Glad you enjoyed. I have found that as long as you have some good beef, the cut doesn't matter as much when you are making it in the crockpot.

Thanks for reading