Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wings of Defeat

On Sunday I tried to follow through with my original plan to make some buffalo wings for the game. I went to the grocery store with every intention of buying some wings. However, I have to admit I was pretty appalled that the delicious Sunday afternoon snack that I had enjoyed for many years actually looks pretty disgusting in the raw. The wings looked really pale and they still had the tips on them which really creeped me out. They were also set to expire the next day so I didn't feel great about that either.

In the end I scrapped my plan to make fresh wings, but I wanted to at least cook something in the crock so I bought a couple boxes of TGI Friday's pre-made buffalo wings. I tossed them in for about three hours on high. The apartment was filled with a buttery, spicy aroma. I was eagerly anticipating dipping these bad boys in some blue cheese and enjoying and afternoon of football.

Much to my dismay, although the wings looked nice, the texture was terrible. They were pretty soggy, which I guess I should have figured because the crockpot definitely is going to do that to whatever your making. I have to say that I have never really gotten a good handle on how to cook chicken in the crockpot. It never seems to come out the way I like it. I may stick to beef and pork for awhile after this experience.


That Girl said...

boo hiss! Sorry it didn't turn out well. We had wings for dinner last night - out. Thatboy decided to show what a man he was an order the hottest wings on the menu. Not only could he not finish one wing, but he was paying for it this morning too.

Anonymous said...

Salt and Pepper Wings and place under broiler until browned. Add to crockpot and add enough sauce to coat. The creativity can come in with the sauce you make/use. Cook on low for 4-6 hours. Because you are not breading the wings they will not be soggy. I did add a little extra sauce a couple of times during cooking. I used Moore's Buffalo wing sauce. These were gone before kickoff.

Jared said...

that girl,

Hope thatboy is feeling better by now. I try to steer clear of the really spicy stuff for those exact reasons.


Thanks for the recipe. I will definitely need to try that recipe out. Good point about the breading contributing to the sogginess. I'll keep an eye out for that Moore's Buffalo Wing Sauce.