Saturday, June 28, 2008


I went to Dinosaur BBQ last night with a few friends for a late dinner. I'm usually starving by 6pm and our reservation wasn't until 9pm. Apparently, if you want to eat at a normal dinner time on the weekend at Dinosaur BBQ you need to make a reservation at least a week in advance. I was lucky that I had a piece of pizza after work to hold me over because we did not sit down to eat until close to 10pm. However, it was certainly worth the wait.

I got the pulled pork and brisket platter with baked beans and Syracuse Salt Potatoes. I had never heard of Syracuse Salt Potatoes before but they are essentially mini white potatoes with a salty butter sauce. The pork was excellent and the brisket was pretty good although my friend commented that it wasn't that flavorful.

This raises an interesting question that has been a long standing debate among BBQ enthusiasts whether it is appropriate to use sauce on your meat. Some will call it sacrilege to mask the natural flavors of your meat by slathering it in BBQ sauce while others will challenge that a good BBQ sauce can only enhance the experience. I am from the sauce camp and always put a lot of sauce on my meat.

Overall, Dinosaur BBQ is a great spot, but I would plan on having a snack before going so you aren't starving by the time the food comes. Check it out at

If anybody has a favorite BBQ spot out there I would love to hear about it. One of these days I want to do a BBQ road trip and hit all the major areas such as North Carolina, Memphis and Kansas City.


LookyTasty said...

I've always wanted to go check out Dinosaur BBQ. Their pulled pork sounds amazing! I've heard many good things.
And about the sauce thing, I'm also a sauce person. Great BBQ sauce adds a delectable kick to the meat!

Jared said...


Dinosaur is definitely worth the trip. I like the sauce so much I bought a couple bottles of it at fairway. It was only $2.99 a bottle which was pretty cheap for a restaurant chain sauce.

Thanks for reading.

don said...

At the upstate dino bbqs, you can order pickup thats ready in < 10 mins. Definetly the way to go if you need the food quick.

nice blog btw

Jared said...


Thanks for reading. Interesting that you can get your food so quick upstate. I had heard that the waits for a table at the upstate restaurants could exceed 2 hours. Truthfully it's the exact same food you just get it a lot faster when you pick up instead of eating in.